Lenten pie with berries

You’ll need
  • – 600g frozen cherries and blueberries
  • – 200g cane sugar
  • – 250g flour
  • – 150g wholegrain flour
  • – 1 glass vegetable oil
  • – 1 teaspoon vanillin
  • – half teaspoon cinnamon
  • – 10 g baking powder
  • – pinch of salt
  • – 30 g almonds
  • For the sauce:
  • – 150ml water
  • – 30g cocoa
  • – 80g sugar
  • – 1 tablespoon corn starch
  • Instructions

    Place frozen berries in a saucepan. Fill with brown sugar. Add a teaspoon of vanillin, half a cup of water. Bring the berries to a boil. Cook for 5-7 minutes.


    Then discard the berries on a colander. Collect the resulting juice, cool. Seek both types of flour. Mix with baking powder, salt.


    Pour vegetable oil into the flour. Stick the cinnamon in here, stir. Add the cooled juice, stir until smooth.


    Take shape. Put half of the dough in it, level it. Put the berries on top of the dough. Place the remaining dough on top, level.


    Put a future pie in the oven preheated to 180 degrees, for 35-45 minutes. Ready check with a wooden sleepstick. Smash the pie with it. If the spatula, when you take it out of the dough, is dry, the dough is ready.


    While the pie is baked, cook the sauce. To do this, pour 150 ml of water into the saucepan, pour cocoa, sugar. Bring to the boil by stirring. Separately, scatter a tablespoon of starch into 50ml water. Put a thin trickle into the sauce, stir, cook for one minute until thickened.


    Sauce cold. Turn the pie over to the dish. Pour it with chocolate sauce. Stick with chopped almonds. The pie is ready.

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