Lenten cookie prescriptions

Classic recipe for lean biscuits

Often in post pastries are prepared from low-fat dough with potato starch and slaked soda. To prepare cookies take such a set of ingredients:

– wheat flour of the highest grade (3 cups);
– potato starch (1 cup);
– sunflower refined oil (150 ml);
– water (150 ml);
– table salt (1 pinch);
– vanillin (1 pinch);
– edible soda (0.5 teaspoon);
– table vinegar 9% (0.5 teaspoon);
– baking powder for dough (1 teaspoon);
– sugar sand (1 cup).

Seek the flour and combine it with baking powder and potato starch. Add the soda by extinguishing it with vinegar (as an option you can use apple or lemon juice). In the resulting mixture carefully, in small doses, pour sunflower oil. Do not forget to stir everything constantly so that lumps do not form. Completely dissolve the sugar sand and table salt in water, put the vanillin, then pour sweet-salted liquid into the flour mass with a thin trickle. Confusion the soft dough and roll it into a lozenge approximately 1cm thick.

Preparations of sweet lean dough before baking on a baking tray can be additionally poured with sugar sand.

Slice cookies in the form of rhombiks, triangles, squares or make any other shapes using special pastry cuttings. Clasp the baking tray with parchment paper and cook the lean biscuits in the oven for 15 minutes at 180°C. The confectionery should lightly enlist.

Cookies with carrots and ginger

Original lean pastries with spices, nuts and carrots are very soft, tender and pleases with unusual taste bouquet. For this recipe you will need:

– grated carrots (250 g);
– oatmeal (250 g);
– wheat flour (250 g);
– sugar sand (2/3 cup);
– sunflower refined oil (1/3 cup);
– baking powder for dough (5 g);
– vanillin (1 pinch);
– crushed hazelnuts (3 tablespoons);
– grated ginger root (2.5 g);
– cinnamon (2.5 g).

Mix the carrots crushed on a fine grater with sugar sand, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, nuts and lean oil. Smooth flour, combine with baking powder and fine oat flakes, then add the resulting mixture to other ingredients. Confusion the loose dough and roll it out on a wooden board into a flat plate about a centimeter thick. Bake the corge in the oven 20-25 min at a temperature of 200oS. When it cools a bit, slice it into portions and serve cookies to the table.

Cookies spicy on tomato juice

If you want to truly surprise home and guests with a non-trivial treat, combine in baking sugar, spices and tomato juice. For baking on this original recipe of spicy biscuits you will need:

– tomato juice (125 ml);
– sugar sand (2 tablespoons);
– wheat flour of the highest grade (2 cups);
– sunflower oil (3 tablespoons);
– table salt (1 teaspoon);
– freshly ground black pepper (at the tip of a knife);
– baking powder for dough (1
teaspoon); – mixture of spices to taste ( such as dried basil, rosemary, oregano).

Mix the vegetable oil with the tomato juice and put sugar sand, table salt and ground pepper in the resulting liquid. Combine the sifted flour with baking powder and enter small portions into the oil substance. Confusion the soft, slightly sticky, dough and lay it out on a cutting board smeared with lean oil.

If the lean dough rolls out badly, cool it lightly and scroll through the grinder (a large grille). The resulting sausages spread with a spoon on the baking paper and gently equalize.

Roll out the 0.5cm thick lozenge and form the biscuit using extracts or glasses. Bake pastry 15 min on bakery paper, setting the oven temperature 190oS. Until the finished baking has cooled, lightly salt it (use fine-grained salt “Extra”), pour a mixture of crushed spicy herbs.

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