Kefir mushroom and its miraculous properties

What is kefir mushroom

Kefir fungus is a protein body, at the beginning of its development resembling brewed rice grains. If the mushroom does not divide and allow it to grow, it will become like a kowl of cauliflower. Under the influence of a whole complex of interconnected microorganisms, lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungi, milk is fermented. The process is accompanied by two types of fermentation – lactic acid and alcohol, as a result the drink acquires healing properties.

GI assistance

The researchers, based on numerous studies and experiments, confidently declare that the drink obtained by fermenting cow’s milk with the participation of kefir fungus, is able to replace some synthetic drugs and pharmaceuticals against many of the most common diseases. Today, scientists officially consider the kefir fungus to be a potent and safe natural antibiotic.

In addition, the healing drink removes from the body the remains of medical synthetics (e.g. synthetic antibiotics), as well as slags and toxins. But that’s where his work doesn’t end. Useful kefir restores and supports the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the function of all organs of the digestive system. People who have learned how to cook, eat and store it, willingly include it in their daily diet, do not suffer burp, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and increased gas formation . One cup of kefir per day is enough, and you will not experience discomfort in the gut, forget about disbacteriosis, enrich the body with vitamins and important trace elements.

In case of problems with the GI tract, kefir should be drunk every morning on an empty basis half an hour before the first meal or in the evening an hour before going back to sleep. However, in any case it is necessary to consult a doctor, because there are contraindications.

Kefir, obtained with the help of Tibetan fungus, helps in the fight against allergies of different origin. Their manifestations occur less often and sometimes stop altogether. It is noticed that in people suffering from frequent headaches and prolonged migraine attacks, when taking a wonderful drink improves their well-being, they begin to live a full life, become invigorated and active.

Rejuvenating effect

Fermented drink gently nourishes the cells of the body, simultaneously excreting everything from them, and therefore rejuvenating. Kefirczyk spends his fight against premature wilting, not just from the inside but from the outside. Masks based on it smooth wrinkles, whiten and align the skin, eliminating age-related pigment spots, strengthen hair, eliminate loss and stimulate growth. In addition, the kefir fungus contributes to the normalization of weight, and as easy and safe as possible.

Slimming occurs naturally: due to reduced metabolism, as well as the fact that the kefir fungus contributes to the transformation of fats into more simple compounds that are easily excreted from the body.

Improvement of the heart

Drink prepared as a result of fermentation of kefir mushroom significantly improves the condition of the vessels, $ work of the heart. Prevents the development of such formidable age-related diseases as hypertension, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

Effect on the sexual sphere

Since taking fermented product is an excellent way to prevent diseases of the pelvic organs, it is possible to speak of positive the effect of the drink on human sexual activity. Research by scientists showed, in particular, that among men who regularly consumed a kefir fungus based drink, prostatitis was less likely to be diagnosed.


Kefir mushroom are contraindicated with milk protein intolerance, as well as with simultaneous intake of alcohol and strong medicines. Carefully should include it in your diet to diabetics and asthmatics. Opinions of physicians on whether it is possible to consume a drink for children under 3 years and during pregnancy differ. Do not engage in self-activity, consult your attending doctor.

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