Irish mashed potato

You’ll need
  • – 1kg potatoes
  • – 70g butter
  • – 200ml milk
  • – green onion
  • – salt
  • – black ground pepper

Boil the potatoes until ready in lightly salted water. Pre-root crops should be peeled from the peel and cut in half.


In a separate container, boil milk. Grind the green onion with a knife and add to the milk. Cook the mixture until the onion is soft. The contents of the pan are better to constantly stir so that the milk is not boiled and burned.


Drain all the liquid from the boiled potatoes. Return the pan to the heat and wait until all the moisture has finally evaporated. It is better to stir potatoes several times.


On the basis of potatoes and milk with onions, cook the puree. Salt and black ground pepper add as you please.


According to Irish tradition, the chump is served on the table in small portions with a meat side dish. In hot mashed potatoes, you should make a small deepening and put a slice of butter in it. When a yellowish funnel forms, the dish can be offered to guests.


There are two more varieties of chump dish. The first option is potatoes crushed with boiled cabbage, mixed with boiled milk and spring onions. The second recipe is cabbage is replaced with boiled brüqua. The principle of serving on the table using original butter decoration is always unchanged.

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