Iceberg Salad – health benefit

Ingredients and properties of lettuce “Iceberg”

The leaves of the coed salad have a pale green color, sometimes white, they are crisp and juicy, to taste “Iceberg” resembles Chinese cabbage. The salad “Iceberg” contains a huge amount of nutrients. Therefore, you should not question the benefit, because this product is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. The salad contains a large amount of folic acid, which strengthens the nervous system, regulates metabolism, helps fight emotional disorders, is useful in anemia. Doctors and nutritionists recommend including in the diet “Iceberg” to students during the session, nursing mothers and pregnant women, and mental workers.

Lettuce “Iceberg” is recommended to eat raw, as after heat treatment it loses more than 60% of its inherent nutrients.

Vitamins contained in lettuce “Iceberg”:
– vitamin PP;
– choline (takes a leading position);
– vitamin K (phylloquinone);
– vitamin C;
– vitamin B1;
– vitamin E;
– vitamin B2;
– vitamin B6;
– vitamin B9;
– vitamin B5;
– bet-carotene;
– vitamin A.

Among the minerals are:
– calcium
– iron –
– manganese
– magnesium
– sodium
– phosphorus
– potassium
– selenium
– copper.

“ Iceberg” salad consists of saturated fatty acids, water, ash, monosaccharides, disaccharides and dietary fibers. The only contraindication to its use is personal intolerance of substances.

Health benefits

When eating this product regularly, metabolism in the body is regulated and blood composition is improved, $ there is a high probability of getting rid of the extra kilos. Iceberg is ideal for unloading days, used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The benefit of lettuce is also revealed in favorable effects on the nervous system, doctors recommend eating it in insomnia. And the juice of “Iceberg” is useful for use as hair masks, as it helps to strengthen hair.

Regular consumption of lettuce increases hemoglobin levels in the blood. And thanks to its extraordinary juiciness, “Iceberg” perfectly removes salt from the body, which is necessary for the elderly. Coat lettuce has a great effect on visual acuity, and people who constantly eat it rarely suffer from cardiovascular disease (strokes and heart attacks are less common).

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