How to use sprouts in food


 As is known, those products that undergo any treatment (cooking, frying, stewing, etc.) lose their useful properties. As a consequence, the body does not get the necessary enzymes, which are important to humans. Without getting the right amount of vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients, the body weakens, works worse and ages faster. Sprouts are a natural product. Food that is very rich in enzymes. It is considered the most useful.

At the beginning of its germination, seeds greatly increase the amount of antioxidants. This contributes to the fact that the plant at this stage is trying to survive and the person gets a product that is simply priceless. Sprouts are a great diet for microbes that play an important role in the human body. Fruit and berry sprouts have huge amounts of pectin, which supports and also restores the microflora of the human gut. The best are considered sprouts of cereals.

What is best to germinate

the easiest at home to sprout rye, wheat, lentils, peas, mash, chickpeas. They are considered the most unpretentious. They can be handled by anyone who wants to do it. It should be noted that each of the cultures has its own special health action, which is desirable to know about.

How to use

There is a statement that sprouts are best applied in the morning and preferably on an empty scale. If you fail to do it in the morning, you can eat in the afternoon along with food. It should be cold. You can fill the product with juice, water, tea. In the evening, eating them is not recommended, as they have the property to stimulate the body and a person may not sleep.

Getting used to eating sprouts should be gradually. Start with 1 teaspoon. Increase the dose for months. Maximum serving – 70 grams. Sprouts are required to chew carefully or use a blender. You can add some fruit to them.

How to sprout

To properly germinate grains, first you should acquire them. They have to be of impeccable quality. In a regular jar (liter) pour well washed grain. Pour water. Water is better than filtered or spring. Let the seeds swoop (10-12 hours). Rinse. Pour and cover with a lid again. It should not be closed tightly. Once the seeds have bagged, rinse again and drain the water thoroughly. You can store for 5-6 days in the fridge. The dishes, where the product is stored, lightly cover (lid, napkin, etc). Even in the fridge, the sprouts will continue to grow, but this is entirely permissible. Their quality from that will only improve.

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