How to salt red fish dry salt

You will need
  • – any red fish;
  • – salt;
  • – sugar sand;
  • – black pepper peas;
  • – bay leaf;
  • – lemon;
  • – vegetable oil.

Prepare the red fish. To do this, defrost it if necessary, clean the scales, cut off the head and tail part, as well as the fins.


Ungut the fish. To do this, you need to cut the abdomen with a knife, take out the milks and other insides. If you are lucky and in the fish found caviar set aside, it can be deposited and salted separately.


Make from fish fillets. To do this with a sharp knife cut the fish along the ridge, trying to cut it in half. Gently remove the ridge and then the remaining bones with your hands.


Prepare the rest of the ingredients. Salt and sugar sand are calculated in the following proportion: 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of salt are used per 1kilogram of red fish.


Black pepper grind. It is possible to use finished ground pepper, however freshly resin will be fragrant. The bay leaf is cut. Combine all the loose ingredients in one tank and stir.


Prepare the container for salting. A container for pull-out products with a lid will fit well. The fillet of fish evenly grate with sugar-salt mixture, lay out in the dishes, shifting mixture between the fillets, close the lid.


First it is necessary for the fish to be allowed to stand in a warm place for a few hours, so that the salt mixture begins to absorb into it. A small amount of liquid will appear. After that, put the fish in the fridge.


In this form, the fish shall lie for 1 day. After that it is necessary to take the fish out of the fridge, drain the resulting brine.


The fish fillet should be removed from the skin. Make it simple enough: hook the skin with a knife and gently pull it. After a day of salting it will take off easily.


Red fish fillets at this stage of preparation can be left in whole chunks, and can be cut portionally as into sandwiches.


Water the fish with lemon juice. Note that lemon bones should not get to the fish, as they contribute to the appearance of bitterness.


Add 2-3 tablespoons vegetable oil to fish. To taste it can be raffirated or not. Put in the fridge for another day.


Serve red fish on gray or white bread sandwiches, with butter or soft cheese.

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