How to saline greens for winter

Dill, parsley and other billets for winter For

salting suitable any spicy herbs: dill, parsley, tarragon, celery, basil, spring onion. Before eating the greens should be taken over, rinsed thoroughly in cold water and dried
You can make home billets in many different ways. Herbs are stirred with or glorified with salt crystals. It is possible to use additional preservatives – for example, vegetable oil. For salting, use rock coarse salt – it will best ensure the preservation of the greens.

Try salting the most popular herbs – dill and parsley.

You will need:
– 1 kg of parsley and dill;
– 250 g of rock salt;
– 6 litres of garlic.

Wash and dry the greens. Finely slice it, stir, cut garlic with slices. Layers lay dill with parsley, pouring them with salt and putting them with garlic slices. Put the salt in the last layer. Close the cans with lids and remove them for storage in the plus area of the fridge.

The dish, to which you will add harvested greens, solate with care – salted parsley and dill will provide a significant part of the flavor.

Another salting option involves the use of vegetable oil.

You will need:
– 1kg young dill;
– 300g water;
– 500ml 8% vinegar;
– 30g salt;
– 50g vegetable oil.

Well rinsed and dried dill large cut, put in jars. Boil the water with the addition of vinegar and salt. Pour the dill with hot brine. Allow the banks to cool a little, then pour in the cooking oil. Close the containers with lids and remove them for storage.

Soup mixtures: all in one container

For making soups, it is convenient to sap mixtures of vegetables and spicy herbs. Try to prepare a set suitable for brewing or borscht.

You will need:
– 100g parsley;
– 100g leeks;
– 100g dill;
– 100g carrots;
– 100g dill;
– 100g tomatoes;
– 50g celery;
– 100g salt.

Wash the greens and vegetables. Carrots brush and finely chop, tomatoes grind. Spicy greens thinly slice. Fold all the ingredients into a bowl, add salt and mix thoroughly. Put the mixture in jars so that it is coated with juice. Close the containers with parchment or seal sealed with lids.

If desired, the set of vegetables and herbs can be changed. For example, some of the parsley and celery greens are worth replacing with root – the flavor of the mixture will be more intense.

Place jars of salted greens in the fridge. The properly cooked mixture is stored for several months.

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