How to prepare a cake “Tube” at home conditions

Recipe for making cake “Tube” with cream

To prepare a crisp dessert in the home kitchen an oven will not be required. It is easy to make this cake provided that there is an electric device or a special double-sided pan with a waffle baking handle. And dough products can always be found in the fridge.

To prepare the dough for baking waffles, it is necessary to take the following components:

– 5 pieces of raw eggs;
– 200 grams of margarine;
– 1 cup sugar sand;
– 2 cups wheat flour (better than the highest grade).

Calculation of products for 50 portions of finished tubes.

First of all, you should melt margarine in any metal utensils. Then we have to cool it down a bit. Pour into melted margarine sugar sand and stir. If the mass has already cooled to room temperature, it is possible to introduce raw eggs and flour into it. Beat the composition of the dough with a whisk to a uniform consistency.

Now you can start baking waffles. Electrovafelnitsa needs to be reheated in advance. On the lower hot surface pour some amount of dough. Lower the lid. After 2-3 minutes raise it and put the finished waffle on a wooden cutting board. Quickly wrap the cake in the shape of a tube until the waffle is still hot and soft. You can then proceed to prepare the next portion.

In order to prepare waffles in a double-sided pan, it is necessary to heat the shape itself. On the inside of one part pour a little pastry and close the pan. Put it on a regular stove. After a minute, flip the pan with the other side to the fire. One more minute hold on the fire. Open the shape, lay out the waffle and twist into a tube.

You can use a regular cooker to spill the dough.

There is another recipe for making homemade tubes. In this case, the following ingredients are required for the dough:

– 5-6 pieces of raw eggs;
– 0.5 cup of raw milk; – 1 cup of sugar sand;
– 200 grams of butter;
– 1.5 – 2 cups wheat flour of the highest grade.

The butter melt and cool to room temperature. Raw eggs with sugar sand. Add the cooled butter, milk and flour. Stir everything until smooth consistency with a whisk. Bake waffles as in the previous recipe.

Preparation of cream for cake “Tube” The

simplest cream is prepared from condensed milk. You can boil the clot right in a closed jar for an hour. Such cream will resemble the taste of candy “Toffee”. It is

possible to fill the tubes with cream with a pastry syringe or a common polyethylene crop.

And you can make nut-cream. Cooking it isn’t hard either. It is necessary to take the following components:

– 1 can of condensed milk;
– 300 grams of butter;
– 150 grams of walnuts.

Nuts should be crushed. The butter soften at room temperature. Mix together the nuts, condensed milk and butter. Put briefly in the fridge. Ready cream fill cake “Tube” and put on a dish.

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