How to marinate beef for kebabs

Beef kebab in kefir marinade

– 1 kg beef or veal;
– 1 l kefir
– 2 bulbs; – quarter lemon;
– 15-30 g dill;
– 5 peas of black pepper;
– 0.5 tsp black ground pepper;
– 1.5 tsp salt.

Beef is worse than pork or lamb soaks up the marinade, so slice it into small size bars. For comparison, take 2 matchbox placed on top of each other.

Wash the meat, cut film if necessary, and cut the beef into pieces, giving them the shape of a cube or parallelepiped if possible. Rub them with salt and ground pepper. Mix the kefir with juice squeezed from a quarter of the lemon and chopped dill greens. Peel and finely chop the onions and add to the marinade along with pea peppers.

Marinate the beef slices in the kefir mixture, cover the dishes with food film and remove in the fridge for 4 hours. Fry the pickled kebab over red-hot, red-hot coals.

Beef kebab in marinade with kiwi


– 3 kg beef;
– 1 kiwi;
– 2 tomatoes; – 6 bulbs;
– 1 tbsp seasoning mixture (black pepper, basil, granulated garlic, zira, coriander);
– 2 tbsp salt.

Use only utensils made of ceramics, glass or enamel covered in marinating kebab. These materials are more resistant to the chemical reaction with marinade acids accompanied by the release of toxins.

Prepare and cut the meat. Remove the husks from the bulbs and grind them. Cut the tomatoes and kiwi flesh into small slices. Put all the vegetables and fruit in a container with a kebab. Sprinkle everything with the seasonings mixture and salt and mix gently. Be careful, ready-made kebab spice sets may already contain salt.

Put the upside-down plate on top and put the rot, a glass jar of water. Marinate beef kebab for at least an hour, but no more than 4 hours, otherwise the meat will become too soft. Strung it on skewers and proceed to fry.

Beef kebab in mineralk


– 2 kg beef; – 1 l carbonated mineral water;
– 2 bulbs;
– half lemon;
– 1-1,5 tsp spices for kebab;
– 1,5 tbsp salt.

Fold the beef pieces and sliced with thick bulb rings into a container. Stick in there spices and stir everything, trying not to damage the onion. Pour 3 tbsp minerals into the dishes, close it with a lid and withstand the kebab in the fridge overnight. After that, splash it with lemon juice, salt, stir again and leave it in the cold for another 4 hours.

Cook the meat on the grill as usual, watering occasionally with the remaining soda.

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