How to make the perfect biscuit: cooking tips and peculiarities;

Biscuit is a popular and delicious treat that can be easily and quickly cooked at home.

The owners do not always get light and airy from the first time. It can settle, the middle may not bake, and the outside side will burn. That such problems do not arise, it is necessary to get acquainted with the basic rules and intricacies of professional cookers. English biscuit baked according to a simple recipe, taking into account the experience and advice of specialists, will help to prepare a delicious treat that can become a staple for another dessert.

The dough can be prepared from 3 ingredients that are available in the kitchen of any hostess: eggs, flour and sugar. No additions in the form of yeast or soda are required.

Cooking tips

Every professional cook has its own secrets and intricacies, gained for years. At times, such advice is diametrically opposed. In order to find exactly your perfect recipe, it is worth trying several options, and defining it by an experienced way.

  • whisk, bowl of mixer or container in which the ingredients for biscuit will be whipped, it is necessary to take clean and low-fat;
  • flour is worth taking wheat and the highest grade;
  • flour must be added to the eggs sifted several times through a sieve;
  • eggs must be either heavily chilled or one temperature with the rest of the products;
  • do not open oven door until baking is covered with a crust (approximately 20-30 minutes);
  • before putting the dough into shape, lubricate only its bottom with oil;
  • for perfect air structure, observe the proportions
  • 33/33/33; beat the eggs well;
  • the

  • dough is put in an already warmed oven with a temperature of 180-2000;
  • well beaten dough must be immediately put in the oven cupboard, otherwise the foam will grow, and the biscuit won’t rise.

It is necessary to choose products only fresh and good quality.

Features of cooking

Get the dough for dessert can, giving it enough attention. You can prepare it in several ways:

  • hot method: the dough in this case will rise well and will be very lush. Based on this method, it is necessary to make dough on a water bath, as well as mix eggs whole without separating the yolks from the proteins;
  • cold: in this case, the proteins and yolks divide and whisk separately.

If the process of preparing the dough has already begun, you can’t be distracted by extraneous things even briefly. The dough is very moody, and in this case the biscuit certainly won’t turn out.

After sending the form with the dough to the oven, you need to wait for the time, after which you can check the readiness of the dessert by poking it with a spool. If it stayed clean, and it didn’t pour the dough, then the biscuit is ready.

Ready biscuit must be cooled properly. For this purpose, the baking is wrapped in food film and left for up to 8 hours. This will allow it to compact, but the dough itself will not master and will not lose shape.

You can improve the taste of future biscuit by adding other components: nuts, cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon, butter, coconut shavings, etc. But it’s important to remember the proportions and not add too much, otherwise the kind and taste of the dessert will be far from ideal.

Recipes for perfect biscuit

Option №1

Egg whites — 4 pcs.

Flour — 80 g

Sugar — 120 g

Pinch of salt

Gently separate the proteins from the yolks and whisk until their volume increases by 2 times, and do so at medium revolutions. Next it is necessary to pour sugar into the bowl, for convenience to do it better parts. You can now whisk at more power.

Sift the flour and add to the mixture, pour salt in. Pour the finished dough into a mould and bake until the crust is formed.

Option №2

Eggs — 6 pieces.

Sugar — 200 g

Flour — 250 g

Eggs and sugar are stirred until the appearance of lush. Then sifted flour is introduced. Stir the resulting mixture slowly and gently from the bottom up until the lumps are completely dissolved.

Clasp the bottom of the shape with parchment, pour the dough on it. Put in the oven, heated to 180 degrees for half an hour.

Option №3

Flour — 120 g

Eggs — 4 pcs.

Sugar — 120g

Vanilla sugar 1 tsp

Mix the yolks, vanilla and plain sugar, beat with a mixer until puffy. The speed should be minimal, then gradually it can be increased. Add sifted flour, stir. Put the dough into a zipped parchment or baking paper shape. Shape and twist slightly so that the dough is better spread out. Put the shape in the oven for 25 minutes.

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