How to make sweet cotton wool with your hands

You’ll need
  • – a few forks; – pan;
  • one and a half cup of sugar;
  • – half a cup of water;
  • – food dye (if you want to to keep your sweet cotton wool colored).

First of all, it is necessary to prepare sugar syrup. To do this, mix sugar, water and a little food dye, adding 2 drops of food vinegar.


Pour the mixture into the pan, then bring it to the boil over a low heat. Don’t forget to stir constantly!


Remove the pan from the heat, after which wait for the syrup to cool a little. Reheat the pan.


This procedure must be repeated 5 times. Your syrup should acquire a brown color with a golden shade, become gravitant. Watch out so it doesn’t get set alight.


Beat the fork in the hot syrup, then drive it around the holders, winding on them until the appearance of a layer of sweet cotton wool sugar threads. Seal the sugar layer with your hand if it turns out to be too loose.

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