How to lose weight fast and right

Losing weight in 2 days as the commercials promise is impossible. Yes, and if you manage to do it in such a small period of time, it is unlikely to do without negative consequences for the body. The main mistake of overweight wrestlers is the lack of a comprehensive approach to solving the problem.

Hudeem without harm to health

Most people start their way to a slender body with workouts and diets. That’s the main mistake. First of all, it is necessary to contact specialists.

Doctors who need to visit


  • Endocrinologist will find out how things are with the thyroid gland and whether it is coping with its functions. Thyroid failures can trigger completeness.
  • The

  • gastroenterologist examines the gastrointestinal tract. Without his proper job, it will be difficult to achieve a good result.
  • For women, a gynecologist. It is gynecological problems that become a frequent cause of excess kilograms.

Having been treated or convinced of the flawlessness of your health, it is necessary to review the usual diet.

Proper nutrition

First of all, you need to exclude from your menu very fat dishes, or give yourself slack no more often than 1 time a week.

Contrary to the bans of nutritionists, it is possible to eat after 18 hours, but only light meals. Optimal option – vegetable salads and fruits. A small piece of fish cooked without oil will not cause special harm.

Simple carbs are recommended to replace with complex ones Cereals and nuts even in small quantities will give a sense of satiety for a long time.

Protein cannot be refused! But from sugar not just you can, but also need. This product in excess quantity is harmful not only to the figure, but also to the whole body.

Drinking water

Drinking mode is the most important aspect. Daily you need to drink about 2 liters of water. Ideally, each kilogram of body weight should be 30 ml. Tea, coffee, juice — not in the bill. To approach this volume of liquid you need gradually, once after time, drinking one glass of water more.


benefit of a proper drinking regime

  • gives energy;
  • makes hair, nails and skin more beautiful;
  • improves digestion;
  • accelerates the process of excretion of toxins and metabolism .

All this will have a beneficial impact on body weight. The body will start to burn excess calories more actively.

The right sport

Day needs to start with movement. A 10-minute warm-up in the mornings will charge vivacity for the whole day and will adjust the body correctly. But daily workouts, lasting more than 1 hour, are not recommended. 2-3 full classes per week are enough. At this time it is important to work out the maximum amount of muscles and not forget about cardio.

In a month the first changes will be noticeable. The body will become more taut and beautiful. In 4-6 months it will be possible to forget about excess weight and former complexes.

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