How to freeze blackberries for winter

Freezing as a way to preserve blackberries

Ripe fresh blackberries can be preserved for the winter in different ways. It makes delicious compots and compots-assorted, as well as jams and jams. But all the ways that involve heat treatment do not allow to keep in full all the useful properties of these berries, in particular, in jams and jams after a long cooking no longer remains any vitamins.

The only way that will allow you to preserve all the healing, beneficial and flavourful properties of reasonably tender blackberries is by freezing. Moreover, a quick freeze at initially very low temperature will keep the initial appetizing appearance of berries. If the functionality of your freezer and its volume allows you to implement this method of preservation, it is necessary to do it correctly, especially since it is not difficult to learn it.

How to properly freeze blackberry berries

Wash berries before freezing can not be, but they need to be very carefully re-sorted and sorted. In the freezer will go only those berries that have preserved their integrity, strength and firmness, even though they will be a little immature. Remove all the garbage collected together with berries – sprigs, leaves, can get caught and insects, which also like blackberries.

Store frozen blackberries should not be more than a year, from harvest to harvest.

You can freeze it in two ways. In the first way, the berries should be placed in one layer on a large cutting board and placed in the freezer, setting the minimum possible temperature value. Since blackberry is a small berry, at -18OS it will freeze in 1 hour. Fold the frozen berries into a separate plastic bag and put it in a freezer compartment designed to store vegetables and fruits. Put a new portion on the cutting board.

If you want to use frozen blackberries for heat treatment, it is not necessary to defrost it before cooking.

For the second way, you’ll need twice as many plastic bags. Prepared for freezing, spread berries on bags, in the package should place no more than 1 cup of berries. Tie the bags, leaving air so the berries don’t crumble. Then put each packet in another one and tie it in the same way. Put bags in the freezer in one layer. When the berries freeze, they can be poured into plastic containers with lids to make it more convenient to store.

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