How to eat scorpions in 2017


Scorpion is a poisonous animal. If it bites a person, a lethal outcome without medical care is entirely possible. Yet this dangerous creature is eaten. The secret is simple — scorpion venom becomes nedangerous after heat treatment. In the same way prepare snakes or poisonous sea gads. If the cook is the master of his own business, this dish becomes absolutely harmless.


More often than not scorpions are eaten in roast form. For a tourist walking around the market somewhere in Thailand, local traders will probably offer to buy a kind of kebab — a few fried in boiling oil with spices and lime scorpions, strung on a thin wooden stick. Scorpion can be eaten entirely, but many prefer to remove its head before. With the development of tourism hunting to similar dishes Europeans become more and more.


Skebab of their fried scorpions can be tried on holiday, however home a similar dish will not take away. No trouble – your loved ones will still not be left without an exotic souvenir. Today in Asia you can buy canned arthropods. Canned food has a decent shelf life, and scorpions in them are lightly roasted and fully ready to eat. People who have tried them consider this dish a good snack for beer.


In China scorpions are also a highly popular dish. There these animals are not fried, but steamed, then served on the table with watered sauce, on a thin flatbread and vegetable garnish. There the scorpion can be lowered into a boiling soup to give it a savory taste. In China there is an opinion that scorpions are very good for health, so dishes with them are in demand.


Eating scorpions not only as a main course, but also for dessert. Arthropods are covered with chocolate glaze and enjoy a sweet treat.

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