How to eat ginger

Ginger has become a familiar product for Russians. It is used in natural, pickled, dried, candied form. Sometimes the question arises which ginger is better, how to eat it properly.

Dishes using ginger

Ginger, or rather, its rhizome has long been eaten as a spicy and medicinal plant. In Russia with ginger made a drink – downing. Baked gingerbread with added ginger. They are, in fact, because of the gingerbread, which is spicy.

The tradition of adding spices to food came from southern countries. Now various national cuisines have become more accessible to people around the world, regardless of country of residence. Ginger is one of these spices, which has quite a wide range of uses, from snacks and second courses to desserts.

Pickled ginger is very popular in Japan. It must be served with sushi. Lovely ginger taste and aroma can decorate other dishes. Ginger powder is added during cooking meat. And you can, for example, add ginger to salads. In this case, both pickled ginger and fresh in grated or finely cut form will be suitable.

The taste of pickled ginger is milder than that of a fresh rhizome. However, useful properties remain preserved when properly cooked and stored.

On the basis of fresh ginger you can prepare tea, which will be especially useful for colds. If you cut off several plates from the root, pour them boiling water, then in a few minutes the tea will be ready to eat.

Good tea is also obtained when added dry ginger. Dry the ginger is very simple, it is enough to cut the root and leave it on a plate. When brewing dried ginger, the aroma of this spice is stronger.

Dried ginger powder is added to baking. It turns out especially fragrant buns, cookies, gingerbread. Finally, candied and even jam are prepared from ginger.

Candied ginger is found in some stores. It’s not cheap, but it’s such a treat that’s eaten little by little.

Pros and cons of eating ginger for food In

Japan, ginger is thought to have completely miraculous properties, which it does person more determined, relieves fear, relieves nervous tension. In fact, ginger tea helps calm down after a busy day, relax and recuperate.

The fact is that ginger is rich in useful trace elements, vitamins, amino acids. Also, ginger is a low-calorie product. Ginger contributes to the improvement of circulation, it accelerates metabolic processes. That is why it is recommended when diets for slimming.

Good ginger tea and for colds. It warms the body, the body temperature rises slightly. Therefore, at elevated temperatures, ginger is better not taken.

There are still a few contraindications for the application of ginger. Since it promotes blood thinning, it is not worth eating ginger along with aspirin preparations. You can’t also eat ginger before surgeries. It is believed that in case of biliary disease it is necessary to treat dishes with ginger with great care.

However, it is unlikely that ginger will do much harm if you take it small. But its spicy, and at times burning taste hardly has to eat it immensely. And three or four thin plastics of ginger will only decorate the atmosphere of any lunch or tea party.

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