How to defrost and clean squid properly

Proper defrost the squid

 Before you clean the squid, they need to be defrosted. There are several ways to defrost that hostesses enjoy:

The natural method.  The carcass is defrosted at room temperature without additional effects. In 4-5 hours, it will be ready for further processing.

Important! With this method of defrosting meat retains maximum nutrients.

In cold water.  To speed up the process, you can immerse the carcass in a cold water container. So it will unfreeze faster, but some of the useful micronutrients will be lost.

How can you defrost squid?

Important information, because if seafood is not defrosted correctly, information about how to clean squid will not be useful for you. Never use a microwave to defrost squid. Carcasses become like rubber. They can be thrown out at once, and the kitchen will have to be rid of a persistent and unpleasant smell.

To speed up the process, inexperienced hostesses pour freezing hot water. Carcasses lose a lot of useful properties. In addition, meat takes on a nasty blue color.

How to clean the squid properly

After the carcass is defrosted, we start to do butchering. Follow the step by step:

  1. Remove your head (it’s inedible).
  2. Find the jaws of the squid (they are located between the tentacles) and remove the “beak”. It is also not fit for food.
  3. We

  4. cut the tentacles at the very base.
  5. Proceeding to gutting. Remove all insides, rinse thoroughly.
  6. Removing the skin

from the carcass is the most important step of cleaning. Choose the right way:

Try to remove the skin by stocking. If you don’t plan to keep the carcass whole, you can make cuts. It will be easier to film. Contrasting baths. Fill two containers with hot and cold water. Alternately plunge the squid carcass into one, and in the other utensils. After this procedure, the skin is easily removed. Instant. Take advantage of this option when there is no time at all. Dive the frozen carcass into boiling water for 50-60 seconds. We take out after the specified time. The skin is easily removed by stocking method.

If the squid were stored for a long time, the skin would simply resin under a jet of hot water.

Important! When further cooking, take into account that the squid has already been boiled for 1 minute.

Now that you’ve learned how to clean the squid, it’s left to cook something special and surprisingly tasty out of them. Salads, snacks, seafood pasta will certainly appeal to the family and guests.

Create new dishes based on squid meat, with cutting seafood problems will no longer arise.

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