How to cook “seashells” with salmon under lemon sauce

To cook 6 servings you will need:

-fondened cheese 180g

-glass of yogurt without flavor additives

-tablespoon lemon juice

-dill fresh or


pasta “seashell” 250 g

-green peas, frozen – 300 g

-canned salmon without liquid – 400 g

First of all put a pan of water on fire. No fire, put on electric tiles. The main thing is that the water boil. It won’t work out differently, don’t even dream.

If with boiling water the process has gone, then you should start cooking the sauce. It is easiest to use a food processor. Almost every hostess has it now. How used to do people without such a convenient thing? The mind is unfathomable! In the combine should beat the processed cheese, yogurt, lemon juice and a quarter teaspoon of ground pepper. If desired, you can add lemon zest as well. If the cheese was in the fridge, it makes sense to reheat it. You can do it in the microwave. It takes literally one minute. The main thing to remember is that cheese in foil cannot be defrosted.

The water is likely already boiling. It’s such a condition where she’s bubbling and bubbling in the pan. Salt water boils faster. The pasta can be filled in boiling water and stirring to cook. The process is very interesting and fascinating. When the water boils again, the shells begin to float in the pan. Stirring with a spoon can set this movement speed at your discretion. They can’t be allowed to gather in a pile and stick together! Cooking pasta is usually 10 minutes, but it’s better to read on the packaging. It will be more reliable.

Ice cream peas can be defrosted in advance. But it is possible to go the other way. Just putting polka dots into a colander. When the pasta is welded, then draining the water into a colander with peas, you will do two things at once. Salt water from macaroni and unfreeze polka dots!

Now comes the hardest thing! It is necessary to stir everything gently. Canned salmon is desirable not to mint strongly. There must be bits left. Adding sauce should be gradually too. The appearance of the dish will depend on how you mixed everything. Dill can be added separately to each plate. Although if you stir with the sauce in the combine, it will also turn out normally.

The dish is ready! How it can be served yourself, but it is always necessary to eat only freshly cooked food. It’s more useful and delicious.

If you liked the dish, you can change the serve tomorrow. For example, pasta is separate from fish! Or instead of shells, take tubes. The main thing to turn on fantasy and try. You can cook not only simply, but also delicious!

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