How to cook salad with canned bean;

Salad with beans and fresh cucumbers


– canned beans, 400 grams;
– fresh cucumber, 2-3 pcs. ;
– rye crumbs, 1 small pack;
– greens;
– salt, pepper optional;
– mayonnaise.

Drain the liquid from a can of beans, put the legumes themselves into a dish. Cut the cucumbers not large cubes and add to the beans.
Shape the greens and combine with all the already prepared ingredients. Salt, pepper as desired, mix with mayonnaise.
Sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

The croutons are worth adding just before serving on the table, otherwise they will turn to porridge and lose their taste qualities in the dish.

Salad with canned beans and pineapples

Beans well combined even with fruits that give the salad original, just a little sweet taste.


– canned beans, 400 grams;
– rice, 200 grams;
– canned pineapples, 200 grams;
– pepper sweet (Bulgarian), 1 pcs. ;
– celery, 1-2 pcs. ;
– cheese (preferably Dutch), 200 grams;
– salt, pepper optional.

Boil the rice in advance. Salt the water when cooking rice lightly. Place the rice in a colander and rinse in running water. Wait for the water to drain completely. Add diced pineapples to the rice lined in deep dishes.

Pineapples need to get out of the jar in advance and let them lie in a colander for 10 minutes to stack the juice.

Rinse bell peppers, free from seeds and cut with cubes too. Finely chop celery and together with pepper put into a dish with rice. Drain the liquid from a can of beans, and add the beans itself to all products in the dish. Cut the cheese in cubes. All the resulting mass salt and pepper as desired, mix together well.

Salad with beans and smoked sausage


– any smoked sausage, 200-300 grams;
– canned beans, 400 grams;
– onion, 1 pcs. ;
– garlic, 1 slice;
– pepper bell sweet, 4 pcs. ;
– vinegar 9%, 3 tbsp;
– sunflower oil, 4 tbsp;
– greens;
– salt, pepper optional.

Rinse the canned beans in running water, place it in a deep dish. Pepper, salt, then add vinegar and crushed garlic. Mix everything with vegetable oil and greens. Give the mixture a little stiff for about half an hour, and in the meantime cut the other salad ingredients.

Sausage can be cut or straws, or dice, as you like more. In the bell pepper, remove the seeds and cut it in small cubes. Once the beans are applied, mix all the ingredients and serve the salad to the table.

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