How to cook ravioli with meat in mushroom broth

For 6 servings of this dish you will need:

  1.  Bulb 1 pc.
  2.  Mushrooms are 250 grams. Champignons, for example.
  3.  Ravioli with meat 500 grams.
  4.  Oil, salt, pepper, finely cut greens.
  5.  Beef broth 400 ml. Can be replaced with two 200 grams glasses.
  6.  Dry red wine. One third of the cup should be added to the dish.

To avoid rubs the extra dishes, start cooking at once in a pan. Pour vegetable oil into it, a couple of tablespoons is enough. The pan should be put on the fire. Can be just on the electric hotplate. The main thing is to keep her hot.

When the oil is warmed up, pour the finely chopped onions and garlic into the pan. Garlic can be squeezed through garlic. Fry onions should be stirred constantly with a spoon. To a nice, golden shade. The colour of the roasted onions gives a general touch to the whole dish.

When the onion has become golden, mushrooms can be thrown into the pan. Mushrooms aren’t worth cutting too finely. Quarters will fit. Roasting them needs stirring.

When the mushrooms boil, add 2 tablespoons of flour. Stirring constantly, you need to wait for the flour to disperse. You can now add beef broth and what’s left of a glass of red wine. About a third. It’s time to pepper it all, salt it. Parsley and basil can also, but it is already at will. The fire should be lulled to medium and stirring to bring to the boil.

When the broth boils, throw the ravioli. They cook for about 10 minutes. The packs say exact time, so make no mistake.

Well, that’s practically all. This dish is served as follows. First, broth is poured over plates, and then ravioli are spread in them. You can sprinkle with greens on top and serve on the table in this form. Approximately 20 minutes are spent for the entire cooking time. Everyone is fed up and satisfied.

If you liked the dish, you can introduce some changes. For example, take ravioli not with meat, but with cheese. In this case, white is better suited instead of red appearance. And beef broth needs to be replaced with chicken. The funny thing is that the ravioli themselves can be replaced with dumplings! And turns all this Italian dish into quite itself traditionally Russian. The difference is that when sculpting dumplings requires a soul to attach. Every dumplings are blind, and a couple of cheats to make.

When visiting a cafe or restaurant, you can pay attention to the price difference between ravioli and dumplings. Same dish at different price.

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