How to cook potato patties with meat like mom

You will need
  • – 500 g of meat;
  • – 10 medium potatoes;
  • – 2 raw yolks;
  • – 3-4 tbsp flour for dough and 1-2 tbsp – for tumbling;
  • – 2 chives (one each for minced meat and broth);
  • – 4-6 cloves of garlic (for minced meat, broth or potatoes);
  • – oil for frying;
  • – salt, pepper, spices to taste;
  • – sour cream or sauces at will.

Boil the meat, adding onion, garlic, pepper, spices and salt to taste in the broth.


Wash and boil the potatoes in a uniform, allow to cool until warm. At the beginning of cooking, a couple of bay sheets and one or two cloves of garlic can be added. This will give the potatoes a special taste. Other spices are also added, such as dried dill (not necessarily crushed, will also suit whole stems and seeds), cumin, parsley, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. You can use fresh herbs, bandage them with thread, put them in a pan with potatoes, and at the end of cooking – take out and discard.


Fry the onion and garlic.


Turn the meat through the grinder.


Combine the resulting minced meat with the roasted onions and garlic, lightly fry everything together, salt, pepper, add spices and garlic as desired and taste. You can add a little broth in which the meat was boiled if the minced meat turned dry.


Peel the potatoes from the peel, roll through the grinder.


Add to it yolks, flour, salt and pepper to taste, stir.


Pour on the table 1-2 tbsp flour for tumbling. Add flour as needed so the dough doesn’t stick to the hands. Hands can also be lubricated with vegetable oil.


Take 1 tbsp of potato dough, crumble in flour on the table, roll the ball first, and then, pressing on it, get “pancake”, put on top mince and protect the edges. The patty is ready.


Similarly form the rest of the patties.


The resulting patties fry on a pan in oil until blush crust on all sides.


Put the finished patties on a napkin to soak up excess fat. Serve with sour cream or sauce to taste. You can eat even cold.

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