How to cook nori for rolls


Packaging with nori can be bought in stores trading devices for making Japanese dishes. It happens that nori is sold in regular supermarkets. Or seaweed for sushi is ordered by mail through online stores offering exotic types of products.


Nori may vary somewhat in color. There are nori sheets green, dark blue, reddish and even golden in color. From all kinds of nori you can prepare wonderful rolls. The taste of rolls will vary depending on the color of the nori. The fact is that all the sheets of nori are made of algae, but they are given color by various spices and dietary supplements. Therefore, the taste of the dish in the end is somewhat different.


For rolls, the best kind of nori are red or dark blue. Wrap the filling in such rolls is convenient, they do not crumble under your hands. This product is ready for use without prior preparation.


Options to prepare nori for sushi several. For example, you can not handle them at all, just gently and quickly wrap the filling in them. Another option is before putting prepared rice on the sheets of nori, lightly moisten them with common water or moisturize with hand water and invite them with nori sheets.


The third option is to grease the sheets of nori with vegetable oil, such as sesame or linseed, olive. Try all three options to prepare nori for twisting rolls. So you’ll come to a consensus on whether you like crispy algae in sushi, slightly oily or more moist.


Almost always a thin layer of rice is applied to a layer of nori when cooking sushi. Then the stuffing follows. Therefore, usually nori soften independently from contact with wet rice.


In Japan, often, nori sheets are held over smoke so that they acquire a lightly smoked fragrance.


Try on sheets of nori and a layer of rice put the following types of sushi toppings that are classic.

1 filling is thin plastics of salted or smoked trout or salmon, fresh cucumber and a serving of spicy wasabi.

2 filling — crab meat, avocado slices and wasabi again.

3 filling — strata of egg omelette, fresh cucumber and avocado, a little wasabi. On top of the rolls can be decorated with red caviar.

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