How to cook mushrooms in a crispy gate

You’ll need
  • – 100g flour
  • – 2 eggs
  • – salt
  • – vegetable oil
  • – greens
  • – garlic –
  • mayonnaise
  • – fresh mushrooms

Mix 150g water, 2 yolks, salt, flour and one tablespoon vegetable oil in one container. Conflict the thick dough. Add 2 whipped egg whites and stir everything thoroughly again.


In the resulting mass, lower the mushrooms. Spoon with holes gently place each mushroom on a red-hot frying pan or into a baking shape. A golden crust will tell you about the readiness of the dish.


On the table mushrooms in a crispy gag can be served with a sauce of mayonnaise and finely chopped greens. To prepare this dish it is better to take large mushrooms, for example, mushrooms. You can fry them not only in a frying pan, but also in frying.

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