How to cook lush fritters

You’ll need
  • vegetable oil โ€” 3 tbsp
  • ;

  • soda โ€” 0.7 tsp;
  • salt โ€” 0.6 tsp;
  • sugar โ€” 3 tbsp.
  • ;

  • egg โ€” 2 pcs;
  • flour โ€” 1.5 cups;
  • kefir โ€” 1.5 cups.

To cook the lush fritters, put the sugar, egg in a clean bowl and pour the kefir. Mix this mass well with a whisk, two forks or mixer. Add vegetable oil and salt to the resulting mixture and stir everything again.


Stir the flour and soda into some separate utensils. Next, sew it into the egg-kefir mixture. Stir everything diligently, make the mass homogeneous and without lumps.


Grease the pan with oil and swallow it. Next, put a small heat and place the dough on the pan, using a spoon. That being said, do not smear fritters all over the pan.


Proper will cook lush fritters on a pan with a closed lid. Thanks to this, they will be much tastier, as it is better to bake. When one side of the pancakes is golden, turn them over. It takes about 4 minutes to spend on one side.


You learned how to cook lush fritters easy and simple. Serve them to the table can be both hot and cool together with sour cream, jam, jam or clot. Coffee or milk is good as a note.

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