How to cook lamb ribs with kiwi and caramelized carrots

You will need
  • – loin lamb on bone 500 grams;
  • – shallots 10 pieces;
  • – carrots 1 kg;
  • – sugar 2 tablespoons;
  • – butter 50 grams;
  • – rosemary 5 sprigs;
  • – kiwi 3 pieces;
  • – fennel seeds 1 teaspoon;
  • – mayonnaise.



loin of lamb is placed on a board and make a deep longitudinal incision without reaching the end. We reveal the meat, so that it melts down the board, and in the inside we could put the filling.


Now the meat needs to be culled. If you don’t have a special hammer in the kitchen, any heavy item will be suitable.


Now in these layers of meat we will wrap the filling. For stuffing use kiwi, it will give the meat great juiciness. Cut the kiwis in small pieces.


Meat thickly lubricated with mayonnaise, pour paprika, seasoned with salt and spread the kiwi on top, distributing it all over the surface of our “pocket”.


Twist “pocket” stuffed in a roll.


Spray on top with a small amount of oil. We sleep on top with broken rosemary and a little more solim. Now the ribs need to be wrapped with foil so that the roll is not unscrewed when baked.


Put the lamb on a baking tray and send to the oven, preheated up to 180 degrees for 30 minutes.


Now let’s do the preparation of the side dish. Carrots need to be cut lengthwise in half. Throw in boiling water halves of carrots and cook minutes 7-10.


While the carrots are boiled, you can cook the caramel. To do this, we pour sugar into a heated pan and wait for it to get a slightly brown color and melt. While the sugar has not melted, we add butter to the center. Stir.


Cut the shallots (you can use onions) in half, add it to the pan to the caramel and stir it.


Get the carrots out of the water and put in a pan with caramel and onions and fry a little. Our garnish is practically ready, it is left to season it with fennel seeds, it will give a light and delicate anise aroma. Cover the pan with a lid and leave to languish for a couple of minutes.


Get the lamb out of the oven and put the carrots on a plate. Everything, our dish is ready! Serve this dish is necessary by cutting the loin into part.Thus, guests will be more comfortable to take ribs from the plate.

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