How to cook lamb delicious

lamb recipe in foil

– 2 kg low-fat lamb loin;
– 2 cups milk;
– 3 bulbs;
– 3 garlic cloves;
– 4 leek stalks;
– Tabasco sauce, salt, pepper, fresh parsley.

Rinse lamb, soak in milk for a day. Spy the loin thin strips of garlic, ribs brushing, so that the meat when frying does not burn. Sprinkle with shredded onions and carrots, splash with Tabasco sauce. Wrap the meat in foil, bake over medium heat for two hours. Try longer lamb not to cook.

Serve the finished dish, decorating it with leek rings and fresh parsley. Such a roast is well suited to sour apple or sour cream sauce.

Recipe for roasted lamb “Zulfia”


– 500 g lamb tenderloin;
– 1/2 cup rice;
– 100 g green peas; – 2 carrots, 2 large apples;
– butter , fresh greenery.

Cut the lamb into small pieces. Spread butter in a frying pan, fry meat, salt, pepper to taste. Rub the apples on a large grater, fall into a frying pan. Roast the meat with apples for another ten minutes. Rinse the rice, lay on the lamb. Cut the carrot into cubes, lay out on rice. Pour in 1 1/2 cups regular water, salt.

Cook until the rice is soft, then add green peas, stir, simmer together for another ten minutes. Dish the finished dish with fresh greens, serve hot.

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