How to cook grained cottage cheese house

Do cottage cheese at home

To prepare grain curd at home you will need a liter of milk with low fat content. Heat it to 40-50OS and add to it a half tablespoons of calcium chloride, which can be bought from a pharmacy. Stir the milk without removing the pan from the heat – its sash should start almost immediately. After the curd grains appear, remove the pan and put it on a container of cool water. This will cool the milk and separate the curd from the whey more quickly.

Next, the chilled mixture must be strained through gauze and sieve, gently wringing it during the strain. You will have grain calcified curd in the gauze, in which you can add fresh cream and a small amount of salt – if desired. As a result, you get a homemade natural product in a short time, which contains quite a lot of phosphorus, calcium and perfectly digestible protein.

Grained cottage cheese, made from fresh homemade milk, is ideal for strengthening weakened bones, creating new cells and improving the microflora of gastric intestinal tract.

Homemade grained cottage cheese is not recommended to be consumed with individual milk intolerance and the presence of phosphates in the kidneys.

Dishes with grained curd

To prepare a salad with avocado, cherry and grained curd, take 1 avocado, 200 grams cherry tomatoes, 150 grams of Chinese cabbage, the same weight of grain curd, 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1.5 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar, as well as dried oregano and red ground pepper to taste.

Narrow with your hands the top of the cabbage leaves and fold it into a salad pan. Peel the avocado from the peel and slice it into pieces that need to be added to the cabbage. On top, lay the tomatoes cut in half, place the grained curd on them and refill the salad with vinegar, sauce and spices.

If desired, balsamic vinegar can be easily replaced with the freshly squeezed juice of half a lime.

To prepare potato patties with grain curd you will need 10 potatoes, 2 eggs, 1 protein, 1 yolk, 150 grams wheat flour, 300 grams grained cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons margarine, salt and sugar to taste.

Peel the potatoes, boil and rub on a large grater. Add the whipped protein and 1 egg, flour and salt to it, stir everything into a homogeneous mass. Roll out the potato dough on a board sprinkled with flour, cut the mugs out of it and grease them with an egg. Put on each circle over a teaspoon of grain curd mixed with sugar, salt, flour and yolk. Put the patties on a baking tray greased with margarine, grease them with egg and bake at 200oC until golden.

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