How to cook dough for dumplings on yellows

Do not throw out the same wonderful product, especially since it is always easy to find use for it.

It can be used to make muffin or custard, biscuits, pancakes or pancakes. And you can knead dumpling dough on yolks.

For sure in your family there will be lovers of dumplings, dumplings and mantas. So why not please them with these treats.

The dough for dumplings on yolks is very elastic and smooth. It is nice to work with it, it does not stick to the work surface of the table or board (accordingly, there is no need to pour it with flour when rolling out), and when cooking does not fall apart. Knead this dough should be based on the calculation of 3 yolks per 200-250 ml of water.


  • wheat flour — approximately 350 g;
  • egg yolk — 2 pcs.
  • ;

  • cold filtered water (or mineral) — 2/3 of a bicentgram cup;
  • salt (small or large grinding, whatever) — a third of a teaspoon;
  • butter ghee — 1 dessert spoon (about 20 g).


‘t forget that flour may have different gluten quality, so the specified amount of this ingredient is relative. For the lack of ghee, use plain butter or vegetable. Or you can prepare the ghee yourself, the whole process will not take too long, and the result will delight.

If you plan to cook dumplings with a sweet filling, you can add some sugar sand (as much as salt) to the ingredients.

Output: about 500 g of finished dough (enough for about 35 dumplings). Preparation time — maximum 20 minutes.

Method of preparing dough for dumplings on yolks

Stir in cold water salt. Melt the oil (with a microwave oven, this task can be done in a few seconds).

Seek into a deep bowl two-thirds of all flour. Thanks to sifting, flour is not only cleaned of third-party garbage (unfortunately, it is often found in this product), but also saturated with oxygen. So don’t neglect this procedure when kneading any kind of dough. In sifted flour, make a deepening, pour the yolks into it. Then pour melted (necessarily cooled) oil and water.

Stir all ingredients with a fork (or spoon).

Then lay the resulting mass on the work surface of the table sprinkled with flour. Mix the dough, gradually adding flour to it until it is elastic.

Form from the finished dough bells and pack into a bag. And in half an hour you can start forming dumplings, dumplings or mantas.

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