How to cook dietary homemade noodles from chickpea flour

Make this pasta product most often from wheat flour (less often from rye). We want to experiment a little and offer to try out the recipe for chickpea flour noodles.

By the way, it’s not necessary to run to the store looking for this flour. It is easy to make from the most ordinary chickpea beans, simply grinding them on a blender or coffee grinder to a state of very fine powder.


same chickpea noodles are prepared on the same principle as any other. And it can be used as an independent dish, complementing, say, melted butter or fried onions (like halushki), crushed greens or some sauce, grated cheese.

Can noodles made of chickpea flour act as a side dish to meat, mushrooms or fish. By the way, such noodles are suitable for those who try to exclude from their diet any products containing wheat flour.


  • 120g chickpea flour (full bicentgram glass);
  • 2 eggs (preferably selected);
  • 30g potato starch (that’s approximately 2 standard tablespoons) plus more extra for rolling out the dough;
  • 30-40ml (too about 2 spoons) vegetable oil (olive or sunflower);
  • 1/3 coffee spoon salt (better shallow).


wholegrain flour can be used instead of potato starch.


cooking time is 30 minutes. Out: 2 servings.

The way of making noodles from chickpea flour

combine in a spacious bowl and stir all the dry ingredients (starch, chickpea flour and salt). Fans of the variety of spices can add in addition to salt also ground pepper, chili, dried garlic or turmeric.

Do in the center of the loose mixture deepen, break and pour into it eggs together with the oil.


the dough. If it turns out very stiff and crumbling, add a little water. If, on the contrary, its consistency is not dense enough, we pour a small handful of chickpea flour. Roll the dough into a ball and leave alone for a third of an hour, not forgetting to cover with a towel or pack in a bag.

Divide the dough into several parts and roll into layers not more than 2 mm thick. If the dough sticks to the work surface (to the table or board), use starch as a sprinkle.

Cut the strata into strips of desired width and length (this already tastes).

That, actually, is it, chickpea noodles ready! It remains to boil it in salted water (throw, like any pasta, into boiling water). Excess noodles with starch and dried. Store in a container or jar.

Cook the chickpea noodles for 7-8 minutes, then gently extract from the boiling water using noise (or recline on a colander) and transfer to a plate.

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