How to cook delicious cutlets

Noroc cutlets

Moldovan “Noroc” combine two varieties of meat — chicken and pork — and have an interesting cheese filling inside. To prepare you need to take:

– 500 grams of chicken meat;
– 300 grams of pork

tenderloin; – 2 raw eggs; – 15 tbsp of raw milk;
– 150 grams of butter;
– 75 grams Dutch cheese;
– ¾ cup breadcrumbs;
– 1 bunch of fennel greens
– to taste salt, pepper. The

chicken needs to be rinsed, separated the flesh from the bones and scrolled through the grinder. Pork meat should also be rinsed, divided into parts and then grinned in a grinder. Then you need to mix both minced meat together and skip again through the grinder. In this case, you will get a more tender meat mass for cutlets.

Raw eggs should be broken down by dividing the yolks and proteins into different receptacles. Yolks can be immediately poured into minced meat and mix it well. The proteins need to be beaten into the foam, adding a pinch of salt to them. Fifteen tablespoons of raw milk should be poured into the minced meat after the yolks, adding the ground pepper and the necessary amount of salt, stir the resulting meat mass. Next, gently pour into the minced meat, whipped in the foam proteins and stir all the ingredients again.

For Moldovan cutlets “Norok” it is necessary to prepare cheese filling in advance, for this purpose pre-frozen butter must be grated on a large grater. Dutch cheese must be grated too and then mixed with butter shavings. The fennel greens should be rinsed, shake off from excess moisture and finely chop, add dill to the filling, stir everything.

At this stage you can already form small tortillas from minced meat, put a little filling in the center of each meat tortillas, then you need to protect the edges of the future cutlets so that you get shape of the oval.

“ Norok” cutlets should be propanated in breadcrumbs and fried in a large amount of fat on both sides, then it is necessary to transfer to a deeper container, pour 1 cup of boiling water on the bottom of the container and close with a lid, put in the oven and put out the cutlets for 5-6 minutes.

Tasty cutlets can be made from mixed minced meat – potatoes and chicken liver.

Cutlets “Gentle”

For cooking it is necessary to take the following ingredients:

– 500 grams of raw chicken liver; – 1 kilogram of raw potatoes
– 2 heads of onion onions;
– 2 raw eggs;
– 1 cup flour;
– 100 grams ghee;
– to taste pepper and salt;
– 150 ml vegetable oil for frying.

Raw chicken liver must be washed well and released from inedible veins and bile ducts, then let it through the grinder. Onion heads should be cleaned and rinsed, then divided into parts and also passed through the grinder, add onion mass to the reground chicken liver. The tubers of raw potatoes should be cleaned, then the potatoes should be grated on the smallest grater and added the potato mass to the reground liver.

In the same mass it is necessary to cram raw eggs, add to your taste ground pepper and salt, stir minced meat. Then it is necessary to mix a glass of flour with ghee, which should be pre-softened at room temperature. Stir the resulting mixture thoroughly and add it to the liver-potato mince. Stir the minced meat and mold small cutlets, fry them under the lid on a pan in vegetable oil.

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