How to cook delicious beef in a pot

Recipe for beef with sea cabbage

– 400 g beef;
– 100 g sea cabbage (dried);
– 2 bulbs;
– 0.5 cup meat broth;
– 3 tbsp spoons of ghee;
– spoonful soy sauce;
– red pepper, salt.

Fold the dried cabbage into the dishes, pour water, put on a quiet heat, cook until soft. Remove the dishes from the stove, remove overnight to a cool place. Drain the decoction from the cabbage, rinse it, cut it. Cut the beef in sufficiently thin slices, the onion finely chop.

Heat the oil in a clay pot, lay out the onions and beef, fry them. Add the sea cabbage, meat broth, soy sauce, pepper and salt to taste, simmer in the oven until ready.

Beef recipe with mushrooms and cheese

– 500 g beef;
– 600 g champignons;
– 2 bulbs;
– 4 tbsp grated cheese, vegetable oil;
– 2 tbsp sour cream ;
– meat broth;
– paprika, marjoram, basil, black pepper, salt.

Cut the champignons into four pieces, salt, leave minutes for 20, then fry them on half the oil. Cut the beef into cubes, fry in oil until semi-cooked.

Put the mushrooms and meat in the pot in layers, pour each layer with spices, add sour cream, pour a small amount of meat broth, simmer 50 minutes. For 10 minutes before the end of cooking, pour the dish with grated cheese.

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