How to cook cheeses quickly and without flour

You will need
  • – 2 packs of cottage cheese (approximately 400 – 500 g);
  • – 2 chicken eggs;
  • – 2-3 tbsp manka (possibly more, all depends on humidity cottage cheese, navigate the consistency);
  • – 3-4 tbsp sugar (as much as possible, to taste);
  • – vanillin at the tip of a knife;
  • – 2 tbsp vegetable oil without smell for frying;
  • – flour to form cheesecakes (for bonding before laying on the pan).

Prepare all ingredients. Put the curd in comfortable. high enough bowl. Curd cheese through a sieve, mash to a relatively homogeneous mass (fork or potato press) to break down all the hard lumps.


Add sugar and eggs, vanillin, mix all very thoroughly. Add manka. If the consistency remains liquid enough, add a larger manka, until thickened, until the mass is elastic enough to form cheeses. (Little tip: after adding the manka, you can wait a little for it to swallow, then the manky may need less).


Preheat pan, add vegetable manka. Better take with a non-stick coating. Form cheesecakes (you can first roll into balls, flatten a little), tumbling them in flour and put them on a pan.


Put the cheesecakes on a frying pan, lull the fire. Fry over low heat, on two sides for 3 – 5 minutes until golden crust. If you roast over high heat, the cheesecakes quickly burn and will not bake.


Serve cheesecakes both hot and cold, with sour cream, jam, honey or jam, can be decorated with mint leaflets.

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