How to cook buckwheat cutlets

You’ll need
    • For buckwheat cutlets:
  • 400g steep buckwheat porridge;
  • 70g wheat flour;
  • 80 g onion;
  • 100g vegetable oil;
  • 50g breadcrumbs;
  • black ground pepper;
  • salt.
  • For the mushroom sauce:
  • 50g dry mushrooms;
  • 1 tbsp flour;
  • 1 head of onions;
  • 2 tbsp butter.

Buckwheat cutlets

To prepare buckwheat cutlets, first of all it is necessary to boil down steep buckwheat porridge. To do this, pour cold water into the pan (2:3 ratio, 3 cups of water are taken on 2 cups of cereal), put on the heat and boil.


Buckwheat grits and rinse. Stick boiling water and pour buckwheat into it. Stir and remove the pop-up grains from the surface with noise. Cook buckwheat porridge until thickened (15-20 minutes), without forgetting stirring occasionally. Remove the pan from the heat, close it tightly with a lid and set for an hour and a half to pre-empt.


The onions brush, cut into small cubes and pasture in vegetable oil. Add wheat flour, sautéed onion, ground pepper, salt and remaining vegetable oil to the steep buckwheat porridge. Stir everything thoroughly.


Form small cutlets from mass. Basin them on all sides in breadcrumbs or flour and fry them in a pan with vegetable oil until a mouth-watering crust appears.


Buckwheat cutlets are well suited to borsh or sour sorls. You can serve them separately, in which case pour the cutlets with mushroom sauce.


Mushroom sauce

Rinse dry mushrooms in warm boiled water and soak them for 2-3 hours in three glasses of cold water. Then boil the mushrooms in this same water without adding salt. Remove the mushrooms from the decoction and finely chop, and strain the broth through the gauze filter.


Roast until light browned a tablespoon of wheat flour with one tablespoon of butter. Then spread the roasted flour with two glasses of hot strained mushroom broth and boil over. Cook the resulting sauce over a quiet heat for 20 minutes.


Grind the peeled onion and roast it in butter. Add finely chopped boiled mushrooms to the onion and roast again all together. Place the onion with the mushrooms into the sauce, refill it to taste with salt and let it boil.

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