How to cook banana bread

For the preparation of banana bread will need:

– wheat flour of the highest grade — 220 g;

– sugar — 120 g;

– baking dough — 10 g;

– walnut — 140 g;

– chicken egg selected — 2 pcs.


– bananas — 3 pcs.


– refined vegetable oil — 100 ml.


– salt — ½ tsp.

All ingredients should be at room temperature, so it is better to prepare them in advance by laying out on the kitchen table. And before kneading the dough, it is worth immediately turning on the oven so that it has time to warm up to 180 C°.

So, the flour sift through a sieve to further saturate it with oxygen. Then add to it baking powder and salt. Stir everything carefully and set aside for a while.

Meanwhile, fry the walnuts in a pan without oil for 5 — 7 minutes. Grind in a blender, or chop with a knife to a large crumb.

In a separate bowl, mash with a fork two ripe, soft bananas without peel with sugar until a uniform mass without lumps. Then one add the chicken eggs, stirring each time. In the bananovo – egg mixture, combine vegetable refined oil. When the ingredients “connect” to each other add the walnuts and prepared flour.

Stir, as should all the products, to turn out a viscous but not very liquid dough. If necessary, you can sift the flour, if the dough still sticks strongly to the hands.

Take a baking form, grease with vegetable oil. So banana bread will not “come” into shape and will easily be extracted after baking.

Put in prepared baking dough mould. Brush the third banana, cut into circles and decorate the top of the future bread. Prepared dough send to the preheated oven in advance.

This bread is baked at 180 C° about an hour. If during baking the top of the bread starts to blush strongly, then cover the shape with food foil. The readiness of the bread is checked for dry spatula.

Once the bread is baked, you should not immediately take it out of shape. Let it cool down a little under a covered towel. Minutes after 30 get out of shape, chop and serve to the table.

When preparing bread, it is possible to use flour not only of the highest grade, but also of sour flour. Or mix in the proportions you need.

Bananas should be ripe, with elastic flesh, without blackness. Best of all will suit bananas yellow in the speckles, but here is where there are black stripes not worth taking. “Spotted” bananas tend to be very fragrant, soft and sweet. It is worth considering the fact that the sweeter the bananas, the less it is worth putting sugar in the dough. Otherwise sugar prettiness will interrupt the wonderful bananovo – nutty taste.

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