How to cook a soldiers porridge for 9 maya

Buckwheat porridge soldier For

this recipe it is necessary to purchase a pair of cans of high quality beef stew. On a can of good product, according to the Russian State Standard, should be the name “Beef stew”. Note whether there is a print on tinplate (cheap one-night firms can’t afford it) or, as an option, rolled the entire length of a paper label. Choose the products of large meatpacking plants.

According to GOST 5284-84, beef stew should contain meat slices weighing from 30 g. If the standards adhered to by the manufacturer of the product are specified, you are more likely to buy “that very stew”.

Remove 2 cups of buckwheat, place it in a boiler and pour clean water so that the liquid is 3 cm higher than the cereal level. Add salt to taste and at the stake for 3-5 minutes — and the food is ready.

If you’re cooking soldier’s porridge for May 9 at home, then a saucepan with thick walls can be used. Buckwheat is preferable to pre-roll in a cast iron pan, and warm up the container for the corvels.

Hearty army porridge of

millet ghee (raw or salted) pork lard with roasted onions is an excellent high-calorie supplement to field porridge. If you do not have the possibility to apply a pan, prefry in lard (300 g) in a kitty sliced thin bulbs (200 g) and lay out the befriended vegetables and squalls in a separate dishes.

Pour a litre and a half of clean water into the boiler and boil. Pour in boiling water half a kilo of overcooked and washed millet and boil it almost until ready, stirring periodically. Put the lard and onion dressing in the porridge, add a jar of pork or beef stew and table salt. Boil the millet. If desired, you can add garlic, chopped parsley greens, feather onions, dill, black ground pepper.

Soldier’s recipe: porridge made of millet and potatoes

Millet porridge with potatoes is an extremely simple, hearty dish. Cooked al fresco, it is also especially delicious. To cook it, pre-fry on lard (100-150g) onion (3 heads) until golden. Brown little squalls also leave to refill.

Soldiers were often prepared porridge “Druzhba” from the remains of pearl, millet and buckwheat. To them were added vegetables, lard, stew. Due to the variety of ingredients, such food was characterized by rich taste and calorie content.

Cut half a kilo of peeled potatoes into slices, take over and rinse 2 cups of cereals. Lower the vegetables and grits into boiling water, boil. Add to the porridge dressing, pour in 5 raw chicken eggs into the brew, stirring everything vigorously. Before eating, sweat the porridge over the heat for a few more minutes.

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