How to cook a puff salad with chicken and mushrooms

Puff salad with chicken, mushrooms and prunes You will need

– 300 g chicken fillet, better from breast;
– 400 g mushrooms, you can champignons;
– 150 g prunes ;
– 1-2 bulbs;
– 4 eggs;
– 2 pickles;
– 250 g mayonnaise;
– Parsley greens.

Boil the chicken fillets in salted water and cut finely. Boil the eggs, put in cold water so that it is easier to remove the shell. Pour the prune with boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Clean the mushrooms, rinse and cut. Brush onions, shint and roast with mushrooms, salt. Put on a towel for flowing oil. Cucumbers finely cut, extra juice peel. The cooled eggs brush and cover. Cut the prunes with cubes.

Start cooking a puff salad. First put prunes on the dish, then mushrooms with onions, cover with a mesh of mayonnaise and add a layer of chicken fillet. Smear with mayonnaise and put a layer of crushed eggs. Finally, add the cucumbers and top make a mesh of mayonnaise. Put pieces of prune in the cells of the grid and garnish with parsley greens. Before serving on the table, lettuce must be pressed.

For easy layering, use a special cooking ring.

Puff salad with chicken, mushrooms and apples

You will need:
– 300 g of chicken breast without bone;
– 150 g of mushrooms, you can champignons;
– 4 eggs;
– 3 potatoes;
– 4 carrots;
– 1-2 green apples;
– green salad;
– olives;
– 10 walnuts;
– mayonnaise.

Boil potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, eggs and chicken breast. Cook mushrooms and breast in salted water. Brush the walnuts and grind the kernels into a crumb. Rub the vegetables on a large grater, cut the eggs finely. Put lettuce leaves on the dish, place a cooking ring on them. Lay out the salad in layers. First carrot, lightly sprinkle with fine salt. Then grease with mayonnaise. Put a layer of eggs, potatoes on them and sprinkle with salt again and smear with mayonnaise. Next turn for chicken fillet, put the cut apples on it and smear again with mayonnaise. Finally, cover with a layer of mushrooms, make a mesh of mayonnaise and sprinkle with nuts. Take off the cooking ring. Garnish with olives and serve after the salad is applied for an hour.

Puff salad with chicken, rice and mushrooms

You will need:
– 1 chicken breast;
– 1 boiled carrot;
– 200 roasted champignons;
– 2/3 cup boiled rice;
– 1 bulb;
– 2 boiled eggs;
– 1 tbsp grated cheese;
– salted cucumber;
– green salad;
– salt and pepper to taste.
Cut the boiled breast in small pieces. Separate from the boiled eggs the squirrels from the yolks. Squirrels finely cut, onions shink and mix with cooked rice. Cut champignons with plates. Rub the carrots on the grater. Salted cucumber, too, cut the juice.

Fans of sharp can sprinkle layers with pepper.

Put the leaves of green salad on the dish, then a serving ring, put the salad in layers, smearing mayonnaise. First the rice layer, then the carrot, then spread the mushrooms, on them pickles and on top should be chicken breast. Grease with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese as well as crumbled yolks. Put in a cold place for 1 hour, then serve.

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