How to cook a proper swim

You will need
  • barbaris and zira;
  • peppers โ€” 3 pcs;
  • garlic โ€” 3 heads;
  • vegetable oil โ€” 300 g;
  • onion โ€” 3 pcs;
  • oblong rice โ€” 1 kg;
  • carrot โ€” 1 kg;
  • lamb โ€” 1 kg.

To cook the right pilaf, cut the meat into medium-sized cubes. Divide the ribs, don’t wash the meat. Slice the carrots into a 1cm-thick straws. Slice the onion into rings, leave one bulb of small sizes whole.


Rinse the rice thoroughly under running water. Wash until clear water has drained. The water temperature should be warm. Then pour the rice with water, lightly salt and leave it in this form.


Take a semicircular street cazan. You can cook the right pilaf only on the street. If you cook at home, use comfort with very heavy fire and cast iron or aluminum casing.


Start warming the kazan, pour over the oils and hot it, toss the previously delayed bulb. She soaks up all the unnecessary oil. When the bulb is fried and turns brown, get it. Next add lamb fat, if you don’t have it, you can not do it.


Roast the ribs for 5 minutes, swarming them into the hot oil. Stir and lay on a plate. Crank the onion in the causan. Roast it until golden, stirring constantly with a scapula.


Add the pieces of meat to the Kazan and roast them. Temperature should be maximum, and stirring should be moderately, otherwise instead of frying you will stew meat. When the meat enlists and gets a reddish hue โ€” add the carrot.


For a while let the carrots lie down and soak in pairs, mash. Next, start gently stirring for 20 minutes. When you feel the familiar smell of pilaf, it’s time to stop roasting carrots.


Add a handful of zira to the mixture, rub it with your palms and it will give a little more flavor. Next, drown a handful of barbaris. Pour water into the Kazan in the form of boiling water. We need to pour all the ingredients to the top. Salt so that it tastes the mixture is slightly salted.


We almost managed to cook the right pilaf: lay the garlic, add the ribs and dry pepper. Lull the heat so that the mixture boils slightly for 40 minutes. After the allotted time, lay the pepper and kindle the heaviest fire.


Add the rice, equal it, and pour it lightly with water. You can gently stir the rice, equalize it, but in no case fall on the bottom layers. When the water almost boils out and remains somewhere below in a small amount, lull the fire to a minimum and close the casan tightly with a lid.


After 25 minutes, remove the dish from the heat. You managed to cook the correct pilaf in Uzbek. Stir it up nicely, divide into portions and serve to the table.

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