How to cook a light salad with shrims

You’ll need
  • – 500g shrimp;
  • – cucumber;
  • – large sea salt;
  • – ground black pepper;
  • – 120ml natural yogurt or sour cream;
  • – tablespoon low-calorie mayonnaise;
  • – juice and zest of 1 lime;
  • – tablespoon sesame seeds;
  • – parsley leaves for decoration.

Cucumber cleanse from the peel, with the help of a spoon remove seeds.


Cut the cucumber into small pieces, sprinkle with salt, stir and clean aside.


Peeled shrimp kidai into boiling salted water as only the water boils again, take out the shrimp, solim and pepper to taste, clean in the fridge to cool.


Remove the zest from the lime and squeeze out the juice. In the bowl mix lime juice, natural yogurt (sour cream), zest and mayonnaise.


Cucumber is transferred to a paper towel to remove excess water.


Sesame seed fry in a pan until golden and mix with pieces of cucumber.


On a plate of slide spread shrimp, round pour sauce and spread cucumbers with sesame seeds. Easy, delicious and very healthy salad ready!

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