How to cook a delicious pastice

History of the origin of cakes

It is known from history that cakes first appeared in the East many centuries ago. In Europe, they began to be made later. There are controversial versions of where the brownies came up before, in Italy or in France.

There are information that the cake “napoleon” was originally made in the form of a Napoleonic triangle, then it became rectangular. Merengues make different shapes; round, oval merengues are called “meringues” everywhere. Usually, two air tortillas are baked and fastened together with cream and jam. Macarone in France is revered with a national sweetness. It is believed that they were first made by sister nuns from Lorraine back in the 19th century. The pasta is dyed in different colors with food dyes, the filling is made based on fatty cream or butter mixed with fresh fruit, lemon juice, pistachio paste, etc.

In North America cupcakes, meaning “cupcakes”, are popular, they were first described in AmeliaSimmons’s recipe book in 1796. These are muffins for 1 person, which are decorated with cream with fruit, or berries. Inside can be raisins, nuts or pieces of chocolate.

From the United States to Russia came cake cheesecake, the basis of which is cream cheese from Philadelphia.

Confectioneries in Moscow and St. Petersburg were famous for delicious cakes in pre-revolutionary times, now they were replenished with cakes and sweets from countries Europe, Asia and America.$

But now in confectionery production, semi – finished dough, which are bred by water, vegetable cream, which includes stabilizers, $ emulsifiers, dyes. This allows to increase the shelf life of confectionery products. Externally everything is very nice and tasty, but it’s hard to tell what the benefit of it to the body. But it is safe to say that the most delicious cakes are homemade, as they are made in a small amount on natural products.

Recipe for delicious cakes on curd cheeses

Ingredients for dough:

– 3 cheese curds;
– 3 eggs; – 1.5 cups sugar sand;
– 150 g butter;
– 1 teaspoon of soda;
– 1 teaspoon vinegar;
– 2.5 cups flour.

3 cheese can be replaced with a pack of curd mass, then sugar will go less – 1.25 cups. Instead of 150 oil it is better to put in the dough 100 g of oil and 50 g of margarine, the flour is smaller too – 1, 25 cups and a little on a sprinkle of baking tray.

Ingredients for cream:

– 1 can of condensed milk;
– 250-200 g butter;
– 1 tablespoon of cognac.

The sprinkle will need some icing sugar.

Preparation of dough:

Butter melt or soften, stir with sugar, then with cheese or curd mass, put the eggs and stir again, pour the soda blanked with vinegar, stir with a total mass.

Important! Soda put at least one teaspoon, otherwise the pie will not work.

Then put the flour and stir again. The dough turns out thick. You can mix all the components in the same sequence with a mixer, just do not forget until flour put soda with vinegar.

Rectangular plate tray with four burners grease with oil and sprinkle with flour. Apply thick dough with a tablespoon. Then, pouring flour on the hand and on the dough, stretch it all over the baking tray. Put in a hot oven. Furnace over medium heat minutes 15-20, sometimes it is necessary to turn the tray with the other side. Pull out when the bottom is porous. On top, the pie will remain light.

Leave the pie to cool for 5 minutes. In a warm form right on the tray cut with a glass of mugs – the base of cakes. It turns out 26 pieces in total. Put them on the board. Cut each base of curd cake in half. Prepare cream: soft butter beat well with one jar of clots, add brandy.

With the help of a knife or blade, smear the top of the bottom of the base with cream, cover the top of the top and side of the base with cream. From the pieces of pie left on the tray, make the crumbs with your hands or with the help of a grater and sculpt them cakes.

Top the finished cakes sprinkle with icing sugar. You can try immediately or wait a little while soaking. Pastries can be decorated on top of meringues, pieces of candied fruit, or fresh berries. Strawberries or sugar decorations for cakes in the form of flowers and beads look very nice.

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