How to cook a cookie from a manka without using flour

Recipes for this treat are very many. And today we offer one of them – it is a very simple (both by the set of ingredients and by the method of cooking) cookie made of manka.

There is not a gram of flour in it. But in addition to semolina, add a little starch and orange zest to baking (to give baking a light citrus note).


  • 40g sand sugar;
  • 40g potato starch;
  • 40g ghee (or creamy);
  • 60ml whole cow milk;
  • 170g semolina;
  • 1 egg;
  • pinch of fine salt;
  • coffee spoon vanilla sugar;
  • coffee spoon (as much as possible) crushed to a state of powder dried orange zest (or lemon);
  • a

  • coffee spoon with a slide of baking powder; a
  • handful of small candied foods.

Additions to the composition of the ingredients for semolina biscuits in the form of crushed nuts, coconut shavings, chocolate, raisins or poppies will make baking even more appetizing and varied to taste.

If necessary, oil of animal origin can always be replaced with vegetable without smell, and instead of baking powder use baking soda, reducing the specified amount by half. And if the milk is replaced by water, and the egg is banana, the cookies will turn lean and true vegetarian.

Out: 11 bakes. The cooking time is 55-60 minutes.

The process of cooking the biscuits from the manka without flour

Egg is broken and poured into a bowl. There we also fall asleep vanilla and ordinary sugar and with the help of a whisk beat to light foam. A mixer can also be used. Oil melted (microwave with this task will cope in seconds).

Pour milk in a bowl with a sweet egg mass, melted butter (it should not be hot), add salt. Stir the ingredients.

Now we fall asleep in a liquid mixture all the manka together with orange zest and mix well with the same whisk.

Leave the contents of the bowl alone for 10-15 minutes, so that semolina soaked in moisture and swooped.

As soon as the mass thickens a little, we put the rest of the dry ingredients (starch and baking powder) into it. Stir everything carefully and wait for another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, warm up to 180 °C oven. Cover the tray with a sheet of parchment, well lubricated with any oil. We form cookies from gentle viscous dough (it can have any shape and size) and immediately put on parchment at a respectful distance from each other. On top, squeeze candied. Send a tray with workpieces for 20-23 minutes to the oven.

When semolina biscuits make friends to a golden shade, we get the baking tray out of the oven and leave it on the table for a couple of minutes.

Then gently remove very tender and crumbly cookies from parchment and, placed on a grate, cool down. If there is no such device as a grille, cover the plate or wooden board with paper napkins and lay the pastries on them.

Already cooled semolina biscuits are transferred to serving dishes and served to the table.

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