How to cook a cold from a beef

You’ll need
  • – 1.5kg of beef per bone;
  • – 500g of beef ribs;
  • – 2 bulbs;
  • – 2 carrots;
  • – 6 lobs of garlic;
  • – 3 parsley root;
  • – 3 bay leaves
  • – 6 peas of black pepper;
  • – salt.

Well rinse a piece of meat and ribs of beef in warm water and cut off them films and veins. Note the proportions of bones and meat, they should be about equally. And it is also desirable that in the meat set there are as many cartilages and joints as possible, so that the cold froze without the use of gelatin.


Peel the bulbs and carrots, leave the whole heads of the first vegetable, cut each root of the second into 2-3 cross parts. Crush the garlic in a special press or cut very finely with a knife.


Put all the meat in a saucepan of this size so it can be boiled in it freely without pressing against the walls. Pour it with cold water so that it completely covers the pieces, and put it on a heavy fire. Bring the liquid to a boil, let it pour 10-15 minutes and drain completely into the sink.


Wash the beef and the container it was in. Put the main ingredient of cold in the pan again, pour clean water there and boil, then lull the heat to the very minimum. Remove with noise all the fat foam forming on the broth surface for a few minutes until it stops appearing.


Toss in the broth the parsley roots. Close the dishes with a lid, leaving a small lye for steam to come out, and cook the meat for 3-4 hours until it is soft.


After the specified time, lower the bulbs and carrots into the hot heel and tomite for another 2-3 hours. Season the navar with bay leaf, pea peppers and salt to taste 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking.


Gently pull out the noisy meat and seasoning. Cool the broth a little and strain it through a small-cell sieve or gauze. Very carefully separate all beef flesh from bones, disassemble it with your fingers on fibers and spread it in an even layer on the bottom of 2-3 deep plates or containers, preferably glass.


Evenly sprinkle the base of the cold with garlic and pour in the cooled bulk. Decorate the dish if desired with circles of vegetables. Cover the containers with beef cold with food film or lid and remove in the fridge until morning.

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