How to cook a classic okrosh

You’ll need
  • Recipe designed for about 6 servings:
  • -5 pieces of potatoes;
  • -2 medium cucumbers;
  • -3 chicken eggs;
  • -8-10 pieces radish;
  • -200 grams of boiled doctor sausage, ham or chicken fillet;
  • greens (dill, parsley, cilantro, spring onion);
  • -salt to taste;
  • -kvas or kefir to taste.

Potatoes boil until ready, boil eggs in steep. Then cool (you can hold them in cold water) and clean them.


prepare the remaining ingredients: Wash and clean the radishes and cucumbers from the skin (so the okroshka will be tender), wash and dry the greens. If cucumbers are not shopped, but homemade and with thin leather, they can not be cleaned.


Prepare a deep container (suitable for a large deep bowl, small pan, so that then in it it was convenient to stir the finished okroshku). Sausage (ham or chicken fillet) and potatoes cut into cubes, chop eggs and radishes. Stir everything. Salt is better not immediately added, as okroshka can become too watery.


Spread the chopped okrocha into deep plates. To taste add kvas or kefir, salt, pepper as desired, refill with finely chopped greens. In okroshka with kvass put 1 tablespoon with sour cream, other sauces add to taste.

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