How to cook a classic mant dough

You’ll need
  • For a classic manta test you’ll need:
  • -1 cup water;
  • -500 gram flour;
  • -1 chicken egg;
  • -1 pinch salt.

Prepare a deep container for the preparation of the dough. In the tank, sew flour, preferably several times. Sifted flour is saturated with oxygen, thanks to which the dough will be soft and elastic, and therefore the dish will be tastier as a result. In addition, when sifting the flour is cleared of debris that may have got into it in production.


In the center of the flour make a deepening into which add the egg, a pinch of salt (to taste) and pour in warm water.


Stir everything carefully each time clinging a small portion of flour.
When the dough becomes dense enough to put out of the container, continue to flush with your hands on the table, also in one direction. The table must be filled with flour. This is necessary for the dough to absorb flour well and become soft and elastic. It is necessary to knead on the table at least 15 minutes. It is a long and painstaking work. Every minute the dough will become softer and more elastic. Working with such a test is a pleasure, as it turns out to be obedient. The dough can be rolled out quite thinly, as it is very elastic.


Ready dough put in a container, cover with food film and let rest for about 20 minutes. The dough will become more gentle and smooth to the touch. Gluten is activated. After this dough can be rolled out, spread the filling and sculpt mantas. The output turns out about 25 – 30 medium-sized mantas.


Mantas serve hot, with sour cream, butter or any other favorite sauce.

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