How to boil soup without potatoes

Chicken soup noodles

– 1 small chicken;
– 2 carrots;
– 2 thick celery stalks;
– 450g egg noodles;
– 60g flour;
– 2 tsp dried parsley;
– 1/2 tsp turmeric;
– 1/4 tsp white ground pepper and thyme;
– salt.

Wash the chicken and stow it in a large saucepan whole or cut apart. Pour the bird 4 litres of water and put the dishes on a heavy fire. Wait for the liquid to boil, remove the foam and reduce the temperature to average. Cook the meat for half an hour, then lay out, cool slightly, separate it from the bones and return them back to the broth. Cook it for another 45 minutes.

Slice the carrots and celery into cubes. Take the bones out of the pan and run the vegetables there. Stick everything to taste, season with spices and greens and cook soup without potatoes for 10 minutes. Lower there briquettes of noodles, chicken meat (leatherless) and tomite the hot dish for another 10 minutes. Spread the flour in a couple of spoons of water and enter the cooking hog. After 5 minutes, remove the soup from the heat.

Mushroom cream soup


– 500 g champignons; – 600 ml vegetable or chicken broth;
– 200 ml 10% cream;
– 2 bulbs;
– 40 g butter;
– 50 g flour;
– 1/3 tsp black ground pepper;
– salt;
– vegetable oil;
– croutons.

Clean the bulb and grind with a knife. Roast the onions in vegetable oil along with the mushroom slices for 15-20 minutes until the liquid is completely evaporated. At the end of cooking, pepper and salt the roast to taste. Allow it to cool slightly, shift it into a bowl of blender, pour in 200 ml of broth and drain everything until smooth.

Toss the butter bar into the pan and melt. Roast the flour in it, add the mushroom puree, the remaining broth and boil for 5-7 minutes. Then pour over the cream, bring everything to the boil again and remove from the stove. Dosolate the dish if necessary, pour into portions and serve with croutons.

Tomato soup with seafood

– 1.5 kg tomatoes in their juice
– 2 bulbs
– 500 g sea-fish fillets
– 500 g peeled small shrimp
– 2 slices garlic;
– 1 tbsp sugar and Italian herbs;
– salt;
– olive oil for frying.

Crush the garlic slices and fire them in olive oil with half rings of onions. Brush the skin off the tomatoes, crush the flesh with a fork and place in a saucepan along with the juice. Heat the red jacket over medium heat until light drilling, lay the shrimp and pieces of fish. Sprinkle the soup with herbs and sugar and simmer all for a few minutes, then salt.

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