How to bake delicious homemade bread in a multivarke

You will need
  • – 1 packet of dry yeast (15 -20 g);
  • – approximately 4 tbsp wheat flour;
  • – 2 tbsp sugar;
  • – 1 tbsp salt;
  • – 2 tbsp warm water;
  • – 1/4 tbsp sunflower oil;
  • – 1-2 tbsp oil for lubrication of multicooks bowl.

Prepare a deep container for dough. Sift the flour. In the tank pour 2 cups flour, add yeast, salt and sugar, stir.


Add liquid ingredients – infuse water and vegetable oil. Knead carefully. The dough will be liquid. Add about 2 more cups of flour, knead until the dough stops sticking to the hands. Perhaps a little less flour or vice versa, a little more.


When the dough is ready, grease the bowl of multivooks with vegetable oil, on the bottom it is better to lay silicone mat or baking paper, oiled, lest bread come to the bowl.


Dough crumble, shape the ball, lay the dough in the bowl, expose the heating mode, close the lid of the multicooks, about put for about 50 minutes. During this time, the dough will rise 2 – 3 times. Periodically the dough can be checked, but make sure that the dough does not settle at all. If possible it is better not to open the lid at all.


Once the dough has risen, expose a baking mode. During this time, one side of the bread is well baked. After that, get a bowl of multivooks, gently flip the bread, put it back in the bowl. Expose the multicooker for another 50 minutes.


After the second side of the bread is baked, get the pastries from the bowl so that it does not drain. Cover the bread with a towel, allow to cool slightly, and can be cut into portions.


Homemade bread will be delicious both hot and cold. It can be eaten either with any dish or on its own. Bread prepared according to this recipe will appeal to all family members.

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