How to bake chicken shins in oven with basilic

You’ll need
  • – 6-8 chicken shins;
  • – garlic head;
  • – 8 cherry tomatoes;
  • – A handful of fresh basil;
  • – 2 chili peppers;
  • – salt and black pepper;
  • – olive oil.

Chicken shins generously lubricated with salt and black pepper, put into a form in one layer.


Head of garlic disassemble on cloves, pressed each with a knife (it is not necessary to clean).


Cherry tomatoes cut into halves, at the basil we tear off leaflets, and the stems we grind with a knife. Cut chili peppers into several pieces.


Put all ingredients on top of or between chicken shins, splash generously with olive oil and send to the oven.


Chicken shins should be baked for 90 minutes at 180C. Serve them with any side dish and fresh vegetables.

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