How to bake charlotte with pears in multivarke

You will need
  • – 4 chicken eggs;
  • – 200 grams sugar;
  • – 200 grams of high grade wheat flour;
  • – 2 large pears;
  • – 1-2 vegetable spoons oil for lubricating bowl multicooks;
  • – baking powder for dough.

Wash and brush the pears, cut the cores, remove the ponytails, cut the fruit into slices. The brushed pears in the charlotte will be tender.


In a deep tank break the eggs, add sugar and beat the mixer for at least 5 minutes at maximum speed. The egg mass should increase in volume several times and become lighter.


Sift the flour through a sieve, you can several times. Pour it into the egg mixture, add baking powder (about ½ teaspoon). Move everything gently so that the dough doesn’t settle hard. The dough should turn out according to consistency as sour cream.


Bed baking paper or a special silicone mat on the bottom of the multicooker bowl. Grease the bottom and walls of multicooks with vegetable oil.


Put the chopped pears on the bottom of the bowl, spreading them evenly. Pour the dough. Close the lid and display the “Bake” mode for 45 minutes. After the signal of the multicooker let stand the pie for about 10 minutes.


Gently take the charlotte out of the multicooker bowl, lay out on a platter, cut into serving pieces and serve to the table. You can decorate with mint leaflets and powdered sugar.

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