How long does it take to fry a chicken

Chicken breast – how best to fry it

To make a chicken dish truly dietary, it needs to be roasted with minimal oil. And better – on a special pan that allows you to cook foods without adding fat. To keep the breast from sunbathing, you can add a little water.

Breading or glaring can be used when frying chicken. Then the juice won’t evaporate, the pieces will be very tender – soft and juicy. But the breading itself is a pretty high-calorie product. This dish can no longer be called dietary.

Pre-pickled chicken breast is not cooked long. If you cut it in pieces 3-5 centimeters long and no more than 2 centimeters wide, it is enough for frying 10 minutes. About 5 minutes after the chicken is laid out on the pan, it needs to be turned over. A couple of minutes before ready – stir the pieces.

Whole chicken breast is cooked longer. On each side it is roasted for 10 minutes. Readiness inside can be checked with a toothpick. It should puncture the piece in the thickest place and see if the reddish juice stands out. If it’s gone, and the toothpick is left dry – the chicken is ready.

If chicken meat has not been pre-marinated, it will have to be cooked longer. Small pieces are fried for about 20 minutes, large for up to half an hour. During the cooking process, the chicken needs to be turned over several times for even roasting.

Feet, shins, chicks – how much to fry


longest cooking chicken tobacco. Especially if a large carcass is caught. On each side it is roasted for at least half an hour. It is best to cook the chicken under the lid by putting the rotting on it. Flips the chicken once. Thus the skin is fried to a golden crisp crust.

Fried chicken is best served with stewed vegetables and long-grain or brown rice. Also as a side dish is perfect for the usual vegetable salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, filled with greens and olive oil.

Chicken legs and shins are roasted for 35-40 minutes. If they have been pre-marinated, the time can be reduced by 10 minutes. To turn out a delicious and beautiful golden crust, chicken can be fooled with soy sauce, adding a little honey. For the chicken to be non-fat, you need to add quite a bit of oil to the pan. If suddenly the pieces started to burn, you can share a tablespoon of water or soy sauce.

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