How delicious is to cook a salad with shrimp.


Salad with shrimp and squid

This salad consists of the most delicate ingredients, so it can easily be called — gentle.

The following ingredients will be required for preparation:
– 300 g peeled shrimp
– 100 g grated cheese
– 150 g lightly salted salmon
– 2 squid
– 2 tomatoes
– red caviar
– – – mayonnaise;
– greens.

Squid and shrimp need to be boiled. Cut the salmon, tomatoes and squid into small pieces. Put the ingredients in a bowl, add the prawns and cheese. Fill the salad with mayonnaise and mix everything thoroughly. Garnish with red caviar and greens.


Shrimp and Yogurt Salad

It is a very light, dietary and vitamin salad. It’s good for a weeknight lunch or dinner.

To prepare the following ingredients will be required:
– 300 g shrimp in panzir;
– salad “Iceberg”;
– 2 cucumbers
– 2 tomatoes; – fresh greens;
– 1 jar of natural yogurt.

In lightly salted water, boil the prawns and peel them off. Cut the cucumber with rings (can be cleaned from the peel before). Cut the tomato into thin half-rings. Take the salad tree, put the shrimp, chopped vegetables in it and add the shredded advance greens. Pour the yogurt and serve to the table. The dish must be eaten at once.


Shrimp “Abundance”

In this salad is an unusual combination of ingredients that will impress all the guests of your holiday table.

The following ingredients will be required to prepare:

– 300 g shrimp
– 300 g squid – 100 g crab sticks or meat
– 200 g canned corn
– 2 eggs
– 100 g cheese;
– 1 pepper;
– 1 sour apple;
– 1 lemon.

Prawns boil, cool and brush. Squid cut and fry in a frying pan with a little added oil. Fry needed a few minutes, stirring constantly. Boil the eggs, cool and grind on a grater. Crab sticks or meat cut into cubes. Grate the cheese on a grater. Put corn, eggs, squid and shrimp in the salad pan. Sprinkle with cheese and refill with mayonnaise. Garnish the salad with pepper, a slice of apple and lemon.

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