Home Rolls

You will need
  • •Special rice for rolls — 100 g;
  • •Philadelphia cheese — 50 g;
  • •Soy sauce — 100 ml;
  • •Rice vinegar — 50 ml;
  • • Cucumber — 1 pc.
  • ;

  • •Bulgarian pepper — 1 pc.
  • ;

  • •Semga — 100 g;
  • •Wasabi — 20 g;
  • •Leaves of noria — 2 leaves.

It is necessary to prepare all the necessary ingredients and place them on the kitchen table.


Place the rice in a pan with cold water and rinse well. Wash the rice is necessary until the water is clear.


Rushed risk soak for 1.5 hours in cold water, then wash again and put to cook until fully ready.


While cooking rice must be cooked wasabi. To do this, it is necessary to pour cold water into wasabi powder and thoroughly interfere until a homogeneous mass is formed.


Cut into small bars the salmon, pepper and cucumber. Peppers in advance need to be divided into two parts and remove seeds. The cucumber can be peeled from the peel.


A little rice vinegar must be added to the finished rice and mix thoroughly.


Take the tinting and wrap it up with food film. This will avoid the occurrence and reproduction of bacteria when reusable.


Before you apply rice, it is necessary to moisten your hands so that it does not stick to your hands.


Rice should be laid out in thin even layers on the surface of the noria leaf. It is necessary that the leaf of the noria is smooth side down.

10 On

top of the rice place all the ingredients — a thin layer of wasabi, cheese, fish and cucumber.


Next with the help of a sinkhole it is necessary to gently twist the leaf of nori into a tube. During twisting it is necessary to press a little on the pin.


It is necessary to untwist and take out the resulting sausage.


Knife moisten in cold water and cut the sausage in small parts.


Home rolls ready. Serve on the table is necessary with soy sauce and ginger.

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